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10 Questions with ... Dylan Scott

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June 8, 2014

1) Dylan, thanks so much for taking the time out to talk with us! You started pursuing music at a young age. Can you tell us about your journey so far to get to this point?

I started at a young age and always knew it's what I wanted to do. My dad played with Freddy Fender and Freddie Hart back in the late 70's and 80's, so growing up I sang in church and sang on Louisiana hayrides and at a bunch of festivals. I just knew when I got to high school that I had to pursue it. I talked to my dad and we agreed. I was very fortunate because by the time I graduated high school I had a record deal.

2) Many new artists head out on radio tours when they are first signed to a label. Were you aware of what a radio tour was before getting signed? What has it been like for you?

I was prepped for it, but even being prepped for it you never know what you're fixin' to get into. We did a six-month long radio tour. We were out every day of the week for six months, except maybe a Friday or a Saturday. I'd come home and wash my clothes and I'd be back out. I didn't see family or friends for literally six months, but the radio guys and my record reps. It was a lot of fun though. I made a lot of new friends out on the road. I didn't understand how radio worked until I actually went there and played every day and went into their studios and saw how everything was. It was a learning process for me and it really helped me as an artist.

3) Speaking of radio tours, that involves a lot of traveling. What have been some of your favorite places to visit and perform at?

State-wise, California is pretty awesome-- the weather and everything. City-wise, one of my favorite places is Portland, OR. I'm from a real small town, so when I first came to Nashville it was intimidating because to me it was the "Big City." I soon learned what a "Big City" was after going to New York and L.A. Portland is a cool place though. It's got a cool vibe and the night life there is something I've never experienced anywhere else.

4) Are there any funny "on the road" stories or memorable fan encounters that have happened recently?

There's several fan encounters! Haha! We were playing out in Sacramento, CA at this festival and usually fans ask you to sign their arm or something like that. Well, this guy walks up and he's super hairy and pulls his shirt up and asks to get his chest signed. I tried, but it just didn't work. There was too much hair. Everywhere I go there's always some kind of story. The road life is just crazy!

5) As I mentioned earlier, you've been musical since you were a kid. Who were some of your biggest musical influences growing up?

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a household of old school Country music. Keith Whitley was my role model growing up. When I moved to Nashville, I wanted to be the next Keith Whitley. My friends were always listening to Usher and stuff like that, so I grew up with that as well, but Keith Whitley was my guy.

6) When you get some down time and are off the road, what are some of your favorite things to do?

I'm a big race fan. I love racing, particularly dirt track racing. Not motorcycles, but stock cars. This past weekend we played in Ohio and as soon as we got done, as fast as we could, we went to the dirt track. Being from Louisiana, I'm a big hunter, I love to fish, ride four-wheelers, etc.

7) Has this journey into the music business so far been what you've expected of it?

My dad prepped me growing up and I have a great manager who's prepped me, but it still amazes me every day to be in this great town with all of this great talent. It is what I expected it to be, and it's also not what I expected it to be.

8) Tell us about the first time you ever heard your music on the radio. Where were you and what did it feel like?

Well, the first time I heard it and wasn't expecting it was when I was with my dad and little brother; We were out bowfishing and were driving back, and sure enough, my song comes on the radio. It was pretty cool to share that with my dad and brother. You can't really explain the feeling; it's just a feeling of accomplishment.

9) You mentioned earlier that Keith Whitley is a big influence to you. What is your favorite song by him and why?

There's so many. The one I like to play every night is one of his big time hits, "When You Say Nothing At All." The crowd knows it and they sing it back to you and it shows you that Country music is still alive! With that being said, "Don't Close Your Eyes," "I'm No Stranger To The Rain," and "Kentucky Bluebird" are all great. Any one of his songs that I hear is my favorite.

10) What do you want your fans and Country radio to know about you the most? When they hear the name Dylan Scott, what do you want them think of?

Just the fact that I love Country music, and music in general. I'm not out here just for the fame or to make a fortune. It's not about that for me. I've been a roofer, I've worked at a paper mill, I've laid floors; so if I can pick up my guitar every day and make a living, and go out on the road, and see people see my songs back to me at a concert, then there's nothing better than that.

Bonus Questions

What song would we be most surprised to find on your iPod?

"If I Were A Boy" by Beyonce!

Your hometown is near Monroe, LA, so yes or no to Duck Dynasty?

I wasn't a fan of it at first, but I'm going to say 'yes' now. It's all scripted, but the way they act, the way they are, and the people they are is who they really are and I dig that. I've always been of fan of 'Duck Commander' and 'Buck Commander' because I'm a big hunter. They've always been local celebrities and famous to us back home, but now they've taken it to a new level. I dig what they're doing. 


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