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Via Breaking Nashville:

Music Guidance from his Dad

I just wanted to always follow my dad’s footprints. In high school, I really started hitting Nashville hard and just lucked out because of my dad. My dad played with Freddy Fender and Freddie Hart, lived in Nashville for years. So he kinda knew about the way to go about it. Besides, he slept in his truck. He slept where he could just to make it and so he didn’t want me to have to do that. So I lucked out with his guidance and by the time I was 19, I was signed to a record deal.

Childhood Dreams of Becoming a Musician

When I was in 4th grade – I don’t know how old you are in 4th grade, 10, 11, 12, 5? Either way. The whole class got to write a book, a hard copy book, get it published, it had pictures and everything. My book was called My Future Life and in my book, I basically graduated high school, moved to Nashville, got a record deal and lived happily ever after. And that usually does not happen. It’s a lot of work, I’ve come to find out. I just always knew what I wanted to do. I stuck with it, and I feel like that’s anything in life. If you wanna be a police officer or own your own business. If you  just say you’re gonna do it and be positive, it’ll happen. You just have to stick with it. I know it’s cliché, but it’s just a dream come true for me.

Collaborating on Song Writing

I wanna write a song just to write a song. I wanna write a song that either I’m living at the moment, or I wanna live, or maybe something they have going on in their life that I could relate to. That’s how I like to write music. That’s when I’m more creative and more inspired to do it.

Does the Top 40 Chart really matter anymore?

Here’s the business of it. When a song gets around the Top 40, then we can go out, when we’re playing shows and stuff, our money goes up a little bit. Then you get inside the Top 30 and it goes up even more. It’s not all about the money but you have to look at it this way too, from my angle is, I have 5 and 6 guys with me on the road who have families or kids who are trying to make a living. You’re trying to keep these guys on the road with you. So your goal is, man, I have to get these guys paid, I have to make sure they’re comfortable, I gotta make sure they’re gonna stick with me. That’s why we want to get up the charts a little bit. But to answer your question, yes and no: it’s all about building these fans and meeting these people and just having fun.

She Said Yes!

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Congratulations to Salt Lake City, UT. Z-104 listener Richard Lambert and his fiancé Onika who were engaged last week during Z-104’s sold-out concert at the Salt Lake County Fair. Listener Richard Lambert reached out to country artist Dylan Scott via Facebook, and KSOP’s Z-104 for help with planning his big surprise. Richard got on bended knee and popped the question in front of 7,200 Z-104 listeners Wednesday Aug. 6, 2014. The happy couple was serenaded by Dylan Scott and they danced to their favorite song of his "On And On About Her."

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